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“As we were headed to Co-op this morning, we were faced with possible ice/sleet/snow as the day progressed. My teenage son actually said, “I hope that we get there, have R.A.S. class, then the snowstorm hits and we can head home because I just want this day to be exciting!” I thought to myself, “Wow, he actually WANTS to go to R.A.S. class. Who would have guessed?” Although a few families were absent at our Co-op today because of possible future slick roads, all my students were there and ready to go. I have a feeling they coerced their mothers to make sure they could be there. So, just in case you feel under-appreciated or unsure if all of this is worth the effort, I wanted to share this good news with you and let you know that my class sure is enjoying your course based on Socratic discussion that covers such important topics that need to be thought through and digested before they launch into college and/or the working world.” ~ Mom and Moderator of Traditio Nostra Class in Missouri. 

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