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“When we first started, we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of resources in the Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum. There is so much! Now, we are having a great time and really enjoying each other and the program. Thank you, Schola Rosa!” ~ Director, Broken Arrow

“I would not have volunteered to teach if I hadn’t known there would be helpful lesson plans and guidance already in the online suite!” ~ Teacher 

“I have two in the K-1st class, one in the 2nd-3rd class, and 1 in the 4-6 class. I love doing art, science, and music at the co-op because they have never been a huge priority for me at home. The History and Memory Work are also helpful and the kids enjoy it. I will also say that the writing in language for my 4-6 grader is helpful because he needs the practice.” ~ Parent

“There are too many! I love that the students get exposure to a classroom setting and authority other than their own parents, without it losing the benefits of a small community. Virtue is stressed, rather than good behavior for the sake of getting through the day. It is like school, but still homeschooling, and I love that about Schola Rosa.” ~ Parent

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