Enroll Your Co-op

Enroll Your Co-op


3 Easy Steps:

1. Co-op Deposit
2. Family Enrollment
3. Access

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STEP 1: CO-OP DEPOSITChoose the deposit options that apply to your group and receive a discount code for each family in your group to enroll online under "Home Curriculum" at a discounted rate. There are no minimum enrollments required. Simply distribute the discount code to each family and have them enroll. Login information will be emailed to each family as they enroll.

Co-op Deposit Options: Each option gives your group the necessary permissions for printing at print shops, such as Staples, access to Teaching Scripts and Training Resources, and a discount code on Home Curriculum enrollments.

Preschool Co-op Deposit: $250
K-6 Co-op Deposit: $500
7th-9th Grade Co-op Deposit: $500


STEP 2: Family Enrollment. Once we receive your co-op deposit, you will receive a discount code for each family to enroll in the bundle(s) needed. These are the discount prices they will receive:

Pre-K: $15 per family
K-6th: $100 per family
7th-9th: $150 per student

Things to Double-Check:

  • Make sure each family knows the K-6 CYCLE in which to enroll.
  • Make sure each family has the correct DISCOUNT CODE(S) when they go to the website to enroll.
  • Make sure each family knows WHERE TO ENROLL: Enroll in the Home Curriculum

STEP 3: Access! As the time draws nearer to your co-op's start date, we will send your families an email with access information for the Home Curriculum. 

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