How do you handle a difficult art project with many students and few adult helpers?

img_8139At our most recent Schola Rosa Co-op Parent Check-in, one director asked how to handle difficult art projects when you have a very small co-op. For example, there are 14 kids, 2 adults, and the children are supposed to be sewing! That means there are needles involved!

Tips from Other Co-op Parents, Teachers, and Directors:

  • Mix Older Students with Younger students that day
  • Always present the “rules” first for using things like needles; first time student breaks the rule, he or she loses the privilege.
  • Ask assistant teachers and/or homeroom teachers to stay in the art room that day to help
  • See if you can recruit your Intermediate students during art time that day, so they can help as well
  • Consider having a “Grandparents” day, so grandparents are invited to come for the day and help out with art and other classes
  • Ask for parish volunteers; there is usually a women’s sewing guild for example. 

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