What’s New?


New in 2019!

  • Several New Courses added to 7th-9th Grade, including Math, History, and Composition Courses
  • In-House CCM-Schola Rosa Timeline Videos!
  • More New Teachers!
  • More courses being written!

We are growing and improving each year! We just cannot believe how much God has blessed our small, family business by sending such wonderful teachers, staff, and families our way. We pray for all those in our community at present and who are thinking about joining.

*Enjoy exploring our websites to see what all is going on, and don't hesitate to email scholarosa@gmail.com with questions!

Remembering the Past ...

2018 Edition

  • Added 6 New Teachers and a Curriculum Writer to our Staff
  • Added 7th Grade Primer Courses
  • Published 7th Grade Primer Workbooks
  • Added Study Skills and Spiritual Formation Programs to 7th-9th Grades

The 2015 Edition

Thanks in no small part to great feedback from our current families, we are ready to announce the new upgrades coming with the 2015 edition of Schola Rosa.

  • Schola Rosa Journal ~ We kicked things off by rolling out a blog, earlier this year.  We plan to share homeschooling ideas and to help get the word out about Schola Rosa to a broader audience.  Submissions are welcome!  You might also like the new Rolling Acres School journal, The Bosconian.
  • CCM: Schola Rosa Edition CDs ~ We all know how handy it is to have the memory work on a CD for playing in the car.  All three cycles are available; be sure to order early to receive your CDs for the new school year.
  • Schola Rosa Guide 2015 ~ Folks wanted all of the basic information about Schola Rosa and tips for starting a co-op in one easy-to-reference and complete form.  Here it is!
  • Director's Manual ~ The Directors are usually the hardest working members of our co-ops.  This manual brings together the information they most need in a printable and portable format to make their job a bit easier.  The content was previously presented in the "Director Training Suite."
  • Improved Supplies Lists and Scope & Sequence Charts ~ We all need a clear vision of just what is coming and what tools we need in order tackle new projects.  The supplies lists are being entirely revamped for usability and accuracy, and Scope & Sequence documents are being created for each cycle in 2015, which cover all subjects.
  • Integrated Training Week ~ Extensive training materials were created last year. With this new edition those materials are being edited, streamlined, and integrated directly into the first week of the curriculum suites. This means we all learn as we go, making training easier to do, and that the explanations and suggestions are grouped right with the content, making it easier to look up a tip in a pinch.
  • Fall Check-Ups ~ In addition to revamping the training materials in the curriculum, we are adding co-op "Check-ups" to provide an opportunity for each co-op to meet with our Schola Rosa staff in the Fall.  This provides an opportunity for teachers and directors to ask questions, work out issues (every co-op has them!), and solve problems early on so that your co-op can succeed throughout the year.  Meeting times will be scheduled for September.
  • Pro-Teacher Option ~ Our intermediate level classes are academically vigorous, and acting as the moderator for these courses requires a high level of commitment and time.  In order to meet the needs of those co-ops who may not have a moderator available in their communities, we are giving co-ops the opportunity to enroll in intermediate Latin and Trivium Studies courses through our Online Academy at the Rolling Acres School at a heavily discounted rate.  Live classes, tutor times, and grading are included.  See the details in the Schola Rosa Guide 2015.
  • Format Standardization ~ In order to make sure that all of the improvements of 2014 are glitch-free and format consistent across the curriculum, one of our first priorities is combing through the whole curriculum to double check for problems (that is a lot of clicking!).  Many thanks to all of you who have already helped so much by reporting problems - we sincerely appreciate it.
  • New and Revised Intermediate Classes ~ This year we are adding Latin 3 and Trivium Studies 3: Methods & Divisions of the Sciences, which make all three of the intermediate, core-course cycles available on schedule.  We are also adding our first two elective courses - Intro to Biology and Advanced Arithmetic.  In addition, Latin 1 & 2 are being revised (basically, our own, user-friendly version of D'Ooge's!)  See descriptions in the Schola Rosa Guide 2015.

The 2014 Edition
R.A.S. began an epic, editing overhaul that changed Schola Rosa's online interface for ease-of-use and aesthetics - every page was reformatted, the websites redesigned, handbooks were added. Elementary Cycle 3 was created, including a new Greek program exclusive to Schola Rosa.  R.A.S. negotiated with Classically Catholic Memory, LLC to bring CCM directly into the online curriculum, including audio files. A special CCM-Schola Rosa edition was created by R.A.S, drawing upon the original CCM materials but altered to fit our philosophy and sequence. The Elementary subjects of science, history, religion, and preschool were upgraded, which involved the addition of over 700 pages of new content! Schola Rosa forums were added to the Elementary cycles for families to share ideas. The Intermediate Traditio Nostra 3, Advanced Logic & Rhetoric, and Latin 2 were added with Teaching Scripts. Teacher Training with Live webinars with R.A.S. staff was initiated. R.A.S. negotiated discounts for Schola Rosa Families with Catholic Textbooks Project, Little Latin Readers, and Real Science 4 Kids.  Director and Teacher Training were developed. ~ 14 Co-ops in the USA and Canada; 200 families

The 2013 Edition
Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum is launched!  Elementary Cycles 1 and 2 were created and opened in the summer of 2013. This included original materials written by R.A.S. for history, art, language lessons, Latin, and virtue. The "Digital Library" was created for each cycle to offer for the first time digital books and audio books as well as the Our Holy Faith Series, Ray's Arithmetic, and The Eclectic McGuffey Readers. The Intermediate Courses for Traditio Nostra 1 and 2, Logic, and Latin 1 were offered with "Teaching Scripts." ~ 10 Co-ops in the USA; 140 families

The 2012 Edition
In 2012 R.A.S. was contacted by several co-ops and companies who were familiar with our online classes and who wanted to have a program for their 7th-12th grade students in a co-op setting.  R.A.S. field-tested the Traditio Nostra courses in 2 co-ops and explored the possibility of developing a curriculum.  Eventually, we decided to create an Elementary program and provide a full curriculum option for all ages ourselves. The Elementary subjects of history, art, science, language lessons, religion, preschool, and virtue were tested for Cycle 1 in a large, 21-family co-op that Alecia Rolling directed. CCM was used in conjunction with these materials and integrated into the lesson plans.
Our earliest logo ideas were developed in this year. The image to the left is one option that did not make the cut.

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