Schola Rosa Curriculum

Schola Rosa K - 6th

In Brief . . .

  • This is an "All-in-One" curriculum.  This means that lesson plans, activities, printables, video, audiobooks, e-books, etc. are all included in the digital resource.  Few additional materials are required.
  • "All-in-One" also means all subjects included: Mathematics, Science, History, Language Arts (including phonics & reading), Music, Latin/Greek, Geography, Religion, Art, and Virtue.
    See cycles by subject.
  • Classically Catholic Memory is inside!  It is adapted to fit right in and comes with your purchase.
  • Schola Rosa uses an "integrated family schedule."  This means that all your children are on roughly the same topics at different levels at the same time. This creates a shared family experience (memory work, read-aloud, maps, etc.) and makes organization easier.
  • A "cyclic arrangement" means that everything repeats: core knowledge is reinforced, new depth is added each time, everyone studies together.  History & Science provide the main themes to which the other subjects correlate.  Schola Rosa has three cycles, which will each be covered twice from K to 6th.
    View the curriculum by cycle.
  • The curriculum is Catholic, Classical, and Charlotte-Mason in its inspirations. Learn more about our philosophy of education here.
  • The K-6th program is only $50 per family, for a year long, 30 unit curriculum.  A few additional materials are required and many of the digital components are pre-printed and available for purchase.
    See the book lists for details about both required and recommended purchases.

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