Traditio Nostra Self-Paced Courses

Traditio Nostra

In Brief ...

    • Courses created by Oxrose Academy Faculty and Staff
    • Accessed through our learning management system
    • Clear weekly schedules, instructional videos, and automated assessments
    • 30 Units per course to be completed in one academic year; students set their own pace
    • No grading is provided; answer keys are available for most courses.
    • Access is for one calendar year.

In Depth ...

For more information, click on a grade bundle or course title below. This will take you into the shopping cart and provide a detailed bundle or course description. Simply return to this page to choose the next bundle or course.


Self-Paced Grade Bundles

"I am very impressed with the Traditio Nostra program. My daughter is thinking about things in the 7th grade that I only started to think about as an adult in my 30s." ~ Parent in 2016.

Self-Paced Courses

Individual, self-paced courses are $15-$25/year per student.

ES Primer: Life Science
ES 1: Earth Science (Novare)
ES 2: Introductory Physics (Novare)
ES 3: Biology (Novare)
ES4: Chemistry (Novare)

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