Oxrose Academy

Authentic Academy - Virtual Platform

The mission of the Oxrose Academy is to grow holy, wise, and joyful saints for the bounty of the kingdom of God and the good of the world through academic achievement, moral and spiritual formation, and family and school community involvement.

Oxrose Academy offers:

  • Rigorous academics, integrated across subjects, rich in history, and steeped in Catholic thought - especially the philosophy and theology of Thomas Aquinas.
  • Formation in the religious practices of the Church.
  • Orientation of life into a pattern of ascent to God: intellect to Truth, will to Love, heart to Beauty.  "Come farther up. Come farther in!"
  • A real community that overcomes the limits of our virtual platform and provides students a place to belong and thrive in virtue.
  • A long developed, time tested model for online school, maximizing human connection and minimizing screen time.

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7th to 12th grade enrollment.


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