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Product Lines

Schola Rosa

Preschool and K to 6th Grade  ~  All-in-One Curriculum

Using a cyclical structure and a family focused approach, Schola Rosa Curriculum both allows the whole family to work together and challenges each student with level appropriate material.   The curriculum is richly Catholic in its outlook, classical and Charlotte-Mason in its pedagogy.

Purchase includes digital access for one year to a year's curriculum for all subjects.  The digital content is an extensive resource that includes a comprehensive schedule; daily lesson plans; printable consumables (worksheets, coloring pages, etc.); audio books; e-books; and more. Some additional printed resources are required.  Numerous digital components are available pre-printed for ease of use.  Classically Catholic Memory is adapted to the cycles and included.

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Classically Catholic Memory

Preschool to 6th Grade   ~   Memory Work Spine

This memory work program provides carefully organized knowledge sets in eight subjects: Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Timeline, Geography, and Great Words. Memorization is facilitated through beautiful visual presentation and musical sing-alongs, allowing everyone to learn together. The CC Memory program is suitable for all grades (and parents too) and arranges content on a 4 year repeating cycle.  CCM works well as a spine around which to organize other subjects or as a supplement to nearly any existing program.

Purchase includes Teacher Text, Student Text, Laminated Maps, Timeline Cards, Timeline books.

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Credo Journeys

Preschool to 6th Grade   ~   Summer Faith Camps

Credo Journeys are Summer Faith Camps that immerse students in the mystical reality of the Church and Her Sacraments by taking them on an imaginative pilgrimage that illuminates the meaning of Christ’s teachings. The spine of the program is the Nicene Creed, which is presented through events and activities, including fasting & feasting, lessons, costumes, prayer, journeying, service, camaraderie, and liturgy.  The whole is designed to give the students a poetic and experiential insight into the true meaning of Catholic life in Christ.

Purchase includes 5 e-books: Assembly Leader, Sanctuary Leader, Lesson Leader, Craft Leader, and Director Manual.

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Traditio Nostra

6th to 10th Grade   ~   Self-Paced Courses

Traditio Nostra Self-Paced Courses are independent study classes that educate the student in the riches of "Our Tradition" as Catholic, Christians of the West.

Each course is available through an online learning management system.  The students log in to access digital course suites, which provide an agenda for the year, video lectures, reading materials, study guides, activity sheets, and automated quizzes.  The suites mimic the classes offered through Oxrose Academy and form an integrated curriculum across subjects and years. Courses can be taken individually or bundled.

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