Books Lists

A Quick Reference to Required Books by Curriculum

Curricular Book Lists may be found below for both the Schola Rosa Home Curriculum for Preschool through 6th Grade as well as the Traditio Nostra Self-paced courses for 7th to 11th Grade. These are quick reference lists for each option.

For a complete list of books sold by Oxrose Press, please see our store via the SHOP tab above. You may peruse by subject or by grade.

Click one of the icons to reach your desired books list for Schola Rosa or Traditio Nostra.

Schola Rosa Home Curriculum
Preschool and K-6 Books
Traditio Nostra Self-Paced
Required Books

Click on the link below to see the Books List forĀ Oxrose Academy.

**These are NOT the books for Traditio Nostra Self-paced courses. Be sure to see the list above for self-paced courses.

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