FREE Summer Faith Camp for Home – CREDO Journey 1: The Four Marks of the Church

The CREDO Summer Faith Camps were written by Schola Rosa Founder, Alecia Rolling, for her local parish, approved by the diocese, and are now being made available for FREE by Schola Rosa during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For many, only the negative aspects of the pandemic have been in mind; however, if we are looking for a positive aspect, one is certainly the increase in family-time. We have more time to work, school, live, and most importantly pray together. Making these summer faith camps available to families, gives a family a way of taking a “retreat” to pray together with a concerted effort.


The mission of Credo Summer Faith Camps is to immerse students in the mystical reality of the Church and Her Sacraments by engaging students with an imaginative pilgrimage through sensory effects that illumine the mind’s eye to Christ’s teachings. Our prayer focus is the Nicene Creed to reinforce the teachings of the Church and our unified prayer as members of the Church. Careful attention will be given to the atmosphere and mood created by decoration to make sure any decoration bolsters the teaching goals.

The reason for developing these retreats has been to create a faith-centered and parish-centered culture within the lives of young people and to pass on a Catholic spirituality that teaches children the deposit of Faith from the long Tradition of Christianity. The Credo retreats were begun with a focus on the basic and fundamental teachings of the Nicene Creed as a response against the growing trend of Protestant VBS programs used in Catholic Churches. Her prayer is that God bless the use of these retreats in Catholic parishes throughout the USA to His Glory … AD GLORIAM DEI.

Each retreat is sent to the Bishop’s Office of the Diocese of New Ulm for review and approval before being published and sold to the public and to other parishes.

JOURNEY 1: The Four Marks of the Church available now

The retreat takes kids on an imaginative pilgrimage through Jerusalem, Constantinople, Rome, and their local parish to explore the meaning of the four marks of the Church and to provide the opportunity for mystical engagement with Christ. We hope this helps your summer and your Faith.


*Any Donations go straight to the 2020-2021 R.A.S. Online Academy Fund to help families in financial need. R.A.S. gives out about $20,000 each year in discounted and free enrollments. With increased enrollments this year due to the pandemic, we would like to do more!

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