Preschool Activities when there is No Playground (or for Rainy Days)

At our most recent Teacher Check-in, one teacher asked what to do with her children at co-op when the co-op facility has no outdoor playground access. This was also a great question for those “rainy days” at other co-ops. Here are the ideas that were shared!

Preschool Bat-mitten ~ Use wooden paddles (the ones with rubber balls attached; remove balls first) and balloons to allow children to hit balloons back and forth
Sidewalk Chalk
Balls of all Sorts ~ Try out Color Sorting with Balls and Music!
Swimming Pool with Sand for Indoor Sandbox
Parachute Games
Red Light-Green Light Games
Toy Donations from other Co-op Members ~ Switch out the toys regularly, so they get some things anew.
Sensory Bins

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