Palm Sunday Religion Lesson

Lesson 89: Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Second Passion (Palm) Sunday

Lesson Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual

By Pietro lorenzetti - Public Domain



  • To acquaint the  children with the events of this Sunday.
  • To instill in the children a deep sorrow for Christ’s suffering


When the President comes to our city all the people are excited. They try to show that they like him and admire him by having a parade in his honor. Today I will tell you about a parade that Jesus’ friends had for him when He came to Jerusalem for the last time.


Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem

The Jews in Jerusalem had heard of the wonderful miracles Jesus had worked. They wanted to see this Person who had made a dead man come to life again. They thought He would be a great king who would conquer the world for them and make them a great people. To honor Him as a king they waved palm branches and threw their cloaks on the ground before Him. (Show picture and discuss.)

Jesus was truly a king, but His kingdom was not the kind the Jews were expecting. His kingdom would be in the hearts of men. Jesus cried when He saw that the Jews did not understand what He wanted to do for them.

Our Celebration of Palm Sunday

Every year we have a procession on Palm Sunday to honor Jesus as the King  of our hearts. The priest blesses palms for us to carry and to keep in our homes to show Him that we want Him to be our King.

Holy Week

Palm Sunday was the beginning of the last week of Jesus’ life. He had waited and waited for this week to come when He would at last do the great work that God the Father had sent Him to do. That is why this week is called Holy Week.


  1. What happened on the first Palm Sunday?
  2. What does the priest do on Palm Sunday now?
  3. Why should we have a blessed palm in our home?
  4. Why is this particular week called Holy Week?

Virtues and Practices

  • Rejoice with others who are happy.
  • Use blessed palms reverently.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Discuss the attitude of the Jewish priests and the fickleness of the Jewish people.
  • Make little crosses out of blessed palms.
  • Picture study of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

Teacher References

  • S.N.D. Religious Teaching of Young Children, pp. 55-56
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