Co-op Program Overview with Words

What's Included for Co-ops starting?

  • Schola Rosa Digital Subscription
  • Co-op Local Support
  • Director’s Manual and Consult
  • Teacher Training and Resources
  • Online Community of Co-opers
  • Tech & Academic Support (some fees apply)

Is this adaptable to my Cottage School?

  • Yes, we have cottage schools and nonpublic schools using Schola Rosa. Contact us for details.

How many units of study are provided with a cycle?

  • 30 Preschool Units
  • 30 K-6th Units

    • 18 Co-op Weeks designed around a co-op meeting.
    • 5 Field Trip Weeks designed around a field trip, which complements either history or science.
    • 7 At-Home Weeks are without a co-op meeting or field trip. These weeks fall around holidays.
  • 30 7th-9th Grade Units per class 

"The teacher materials available online greatly reduce the amount of time needed in preparation for class each week. Often there are reading selections and activities to print directly from the site. The teacher prep time can be used reviewing these materials in preparation for presenting them to the class, as opposed to spending hours looking for appropriate content on the internet." ~ Teacher in 2012.


Homeschooling with a Co-op ~ What's the point?

  • Community support for home and academics  ~ Co-op is a weekly check-up!
  • More than an extracurricular day ~ It's enrichment and curriculum in one!
  • Structure keeps everyone on task and moving!
  • Co-op stability leads to dependability!

What are the goals of Co-op?

  • To jump-start the lessons for the week
  • To focus on the introduction of memory work that will be continued at home
  • To engage students in group activities that cannot be completed at home.
  • For the intermediate and advanced levels, the goal is to do group work based upon ideas learned at home.

“There are too many! I love that the students get exposure to a classroom setting and authority other than their own parents, without it losing the benefits of a small community. Virtue is stressed, rather than good behavior for the sake of getting through the day. It is like school, but still homeschooling, and I love that about Schola Rosa.” ~ Parent in Virginia.

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