How to Recruit

Below you will find helpful videos and links for starting your co-op and creating a core group of families to kick-start your enrollment. Once you have this core group, recruitment for the year begins in earnest. Remember, we are here through every step, so do not hesitate to call us by phone or email. 


Questions? Call (507) 822-6966 or email

The Workshop Room with Attendees

“I’ve been a Schola Rosa Director for three years now, and I just want to tell other directors out there who are thinking of starting a co-op, that it might seem tough to get your group together the first year, but boy, are we having a great time! Thank you, Schola Rosa!” ~ Director, Oklahoma 


Download or Print for Use at Meetings

“Our first years as a homeschool co-op, we just chose extracurricular activities year-to-year, but eventually we felt called to be an academic co-op with administrative support. Schola Rosa has made our co-op a success and taken the worry out of administration.” ~ Director, Florida

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