Our Community

Our Community

Working with others to achieve your family educational goals is not merely a question of utility.  Gathering together in the name of Christ to pursue wisdom is an exercise in solidarity.  We provide the opportunity for solidarity by fostering a community of home educators, by providing tools to create and maintain co-ops in local communities, and by creating an online Academy where kids can come together with great teachers to pursue truth.

"My favorite aspect of Schola Rosa is the cheerful interaction the children have with other students and teachers. It keeps me, mom/teacher, on a schedule. They do and see things I would have to work hard to make happen, i.e. many hands make the work light. We LOVE Schola Rosa!!!”
~ Parent in Virginia.


Community begins at home with shared experiences and conversations between parents and children. We provide the tools for creating a family-centered learning environment.

The Workshop Room with Attendees

Through consultations, workshops, forums and blogs, and regular online "check-in" meetings with other parents, we welcome families into the community of home curriculum users.


Co-ops keep things local. We provide the tools to establish, manage, and grow local co-ops across the country.

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The Oxrose Academy is more than just classes ~ there is room for fun, real friendships, and shared quest for wisdom.

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