Patron Saint

About Our Patron Saint and the Name "Schola Rosa"

St. Rose Venerini

St. Rose is the patroness of the Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum. She labored lovingly and devotedly for the education of girls throughout Italy. Despite much difficulty, she started schools all over the country. Her goals were simple and humble: to provide a Christian formation and to prepare children for civil society. The Venerinite mantra years after her death was this: Educate to Save. This, indeed, is the slogan or R.A.S. and Schola Rosa! You can read the complete biography of St. Rose at the Vatican Library.

"Schola" was chosen in part for its translation into "school," but also in reference to the "schola" which would sing the mass. In the Schola Rosa curriculum, students learn to chant the parts of the mass in hopes that they can sing the mass for their local parish.

"Rosa" was naturally chosen in honor of St. Rose Venerini, and the rose itself is a reference to both St. Rose Venerini and the Blessed Mother Mary. This Rose can be found in the Schola Rosa logo as well as the R.A.S. logo.


Saint Rose Venerini, patroness of exiles and steadfast teacher of the poor and unlearned, who courageously taught in accordance with Holy Doctrine in the face of opposition and who humbly built schools and trained teachers all over your country, in confidence we ask you for special intercession as we pray to Our Lord for (name your intention). May you also obtain for us from Jesus and His Blessed Mother the Grace to whole-heartedly follow your words: I feel so nailed to the Will of God that nothing else matters, neither death nor life. I want what He wants; I want to serve Him as much as pleases Him and no more.  Amen.

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