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Thank you for enrolling with the Schola Rosa’s Home Curriculum, Co-op Program, and/or R.A.S. Online Academy.  We are honored that you are entrusting us with a share in the responsibility of educating your children.

The last step in the enrollment process is to read, print, sign, scan and return the Family Terms of Use Agreement, attached below. Once you have signed and scanned the form, send it to us at:

If you are looking at this agreement in a pop-up window with the option to check a box for agreement, please do so now to enter the online suite while we wait on your emailed form!


Schola Rosa Staff




This Agreement is between The Rolling Acres School, L.L.C., from this point known as R.A.S.,


and ______________________________________________________________________________________

(print parent full name(s); all adult members of the household and any student who is 18 or older who will be using R.A.S. materials should be listed here),

and is executed on this _________ day of __________________,  in the year _______________.

 As a condition of use of its courses, R.A.S. requires that a parent or legal guardian read, complete, and sign this Terms of Use Agreement.

 By signing this document, I (the undersigned) understand and consent to the following stipulations, applicable to myself and all members of my household:

  1. My enrollment purchase entitles me access to certain Copyrighted, Non-disclosure, and Confidential Information, from this point known as Proprietary Content, provided by R.A.S., described as:
  • All course materials and intellectual properties found in the duly purchased online course suites: Schola Rosa, Traditio Nostra, Legamus Latinam, and/or Trivium Studies as well as any and all elective or independent study courses provided by R.A.S. for my benefit.
  • All usernames and passwords received from R.A.S. for the purposes of accessing Proprietary Content.
  1. A.S. agrees to share Proprietary Content with me, after receiving this signed User agreement within a reasonable processing time frame; access is for one year after the date of enrollment into the course suites and my reception of a login user name and password, excepting Co-op Enrollment which is based on the time of a Director enrolling a local group. Consult your local director for enrollment period.
  2. I acknowledge that the Proprietary Content has been developed by R.A.S. by the investment of significant time, effort, and expense, and that this content is a valuable and unique asset of R.A.S., which must be protected against improper use and/or disclosure.
  3. In consideration of this, I agree:
  • to treat Proprietary Content as copyrighted, all rights reserved, confidential, and non-reproducible except where otherwise explicitly indicated or where express permission is given in writing by R.A.S.;
  • to use the Proprietary Content for the express and limited purposes of preparing to teach and teaching classes in my home and/or under the auspices of the cooperative, school, or company named above, which usages exclude the reproduction or distribution of Content to non-enrolled students.
  • to report any violations of the terms of use to R.A.S.
  • that any violation of this Terms of Use Agreement gives R.A.S. grounds to seek legal recourse against me
  1. More generally, I agree and/or acknowledge as follows:
Family Terms of Use Agreement Page 2
  • that not only Proprietary Content but all media (downloaded or samples), software, text, images, graphics, user interfaces, music, videos, photographs, trademarks, logos, artwork and other content on R.A.S. websites, is owned or licensed by or to us, R.A.S., or by another Third Party, and is protected by copyright, trade dress, and trademark laws, and various other intellectual property rights laws.
  • that except as expressly provided in this Terms of Use Agreement, no part of R.A.S. content may be reproduced, recorded, retransmitted, sold, rented, broadcast, distributed, published, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, altered to make new works, performed, digitized, compiled, translated or transmitted in any way to any other computer, website or other medium or for any commercial purpose, without our prior and express written consent, except where a Third Party must be contacted for permission;
  • that except as expressly provided herein, I am not granted any rights or license to patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trade dress, rights of publicity or trademarks with respect to any of the content;
  • that R.A.S. reserves all rights not expressly granted hereunder;
  • that R.A.S. expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for uses by me of any content obtained on R.A.S. websites or in connection with R.A.S.;
  • that R.A.S. may at any time modify Proprietary Content and other content for the purposes of improvement and the prudential exercise of its business activities and is not liable to me for such modifications.
  • that R.A.S. may, under certain circumstances and without prior notice, immediately suspend, terminate and/or delete my account and access to the Proprietary Content. Cause for such suspension, termination and/or deletion shall include, but not be limited to:
    1. breaches or violations of the Terms, or of other incorporated agreements or guidelines;
    2. unexpected technical or security issues or problems;
    3. engagement by me in fraudulent or illegal activities;
    4. nonpayment of any fees owed by me.
  • that use of some Proprietary Content implies the purchase of certain materials not provided by R.A.S, particularly, but not limited to the materials provided by Classically Catholic Memory, L.L.C., and that I agree to respect the copyright status of those materials.

This Agreement is legally binding, and subject to any applicable laws and regulations, including laws and regulations enforced by the state of Minnesota.

The undersigned:

(Parent Signature)                                                             (Parent Name)                                                                    (Date)

(Parent Signature)                                                             (Parent Name)                                                                    (Date)

(Student Signature)                                                           (Student Name)                                                                 (Date)


Return signed forms to us at:

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Snail Mail:

The Rolling Acres School, Attn: Schola Rosa User, P.O. Box 3, Lake Benton, MN 56149

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