Are you Running?

This Sunday marks the beginning of the Pre-Lenten Season as we “ready the way” and “make straight our paths” for our time in the desert. What better time to decline from the festivities of Christmas and focus once again on running the race?

“What race?” you might ask. Well, the race to Heaven — the only one that really matters. During the Pre-Lenten time we are called to once again look at our own weaknesses, both spiritual and corporal. We are called to stop worrying about worldly races and to start worrying about our heavenly race. The whistle is blowing for us to work at our business, our vocation, what the Lord wishes us to do for Him and His kingdom within that vocation.

The path is narrow, and so this task can be simple by beginning to ask ourselves questions like the ones in our Handbook Overviews each unit. In our homeschool, are we punctual and timely in our assignments, schedules, and appointments? At co-op, do we remember not to gossip, but  to be helpful to those in need? Are we finding those little ways to offer acts of mercy to those around us? Do we remember each day to teach our children about the Faith, the most important of lessons? Do we reinforce Virtue Training everyday? 

With so many questions, we might become overwhelmed! But the Lord says to us often that we should not be afraid for He is with us. Let us all pray for each other this month of February, dedicated to the Holy Family, that we may all be holy and good examples of Christ for our friends, family, and communities.

Alecia Rolling

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