December 2017 Check-In!

It is time to check in with families to see how things are going before the long Christmas break begins! We are asking that you save the date for this event and RSVP soon to let us know you are coming. Only those participants who BOTH RSVP and attend will be eligible for the door prizes, so do not delay letting us know!

DO the following:

  • Let us know you are coming NOW!
  • Send us questions ahead of time! The first part of the meeting will be spent on questions emailed to us beforehand. Email at 
  • COME! Get questions answered, trouble-shoot with other moms, and win prizes. 

DON’T do this:

  • Postpone your RSVP.
  • Keep questions to yourself. 

What’s a Check-in?

The most helpful and exciting event for Just Home families who need encouragement! A fantastic community builder across co-ops! This is an online meeting that brings together Schola Rosa families from all over the world (Yes, world! UK, Canada, and Germany included). Families share experiences from their own homes and co-ops, help each other out with logistical challenges, and offer all-round support for the curriculum as well as life at home. Homeschooling takes a great effort, and we all work together to make it better! 


You bet! This year we are offering door prizes for attendees, too. Door prizes will vary and are an assortment of Schola Rosa books, CDs, and other materials, many of which make great gifts for the Christmas season! 

See you there! 


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