Etiquette in the Classroom ~ Preschool and Up!

One preschool teacher asked about rowdy students in the classroom, and one 4th-6th grade teacher asked about classroom etiquette. As odd as it might seem to pair the two in discussion class behavior, they do really go hand in hand. 

Practical Tips from our Discussion:
1. Begin Class by reviewing the Rules for your Classroom ~ For Preschoolers this is as simple as a few rules; for older students this includes conversation rules. 
2. If a problem arises, first remind the student of the rule mentioned at the beginning of class. Most likely this is enough to stop the negative behavior. 
3. If the problem persists, consult with the parent of the child and/or consult your co-op’s rules of conduct for the next step. 

In general, experienced teachers at the meeting agreed that it was better to begin the year by running a tight ship, allowing your students to earn their privileges as they move through the year. When you have a “party” day, they will know they have earned it through good and honest hard work. 

Free Preschool Rules and Pictures:

Preschool rules

Keep hands to yourself.

Preschool Rules

Help pick up.

Preschool Rules

Listen carefully.

Preschool Rules

Sit quietly.

Preschool Rules

Have fun!

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