Father’s Day Craft Idea ~ Family Adventure Book

Father’s Day Craft Idea ~ Family Adventure Book

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Father’s Day is only a few days way!  Colorful ads clutter the Internet and newspapers, highlighting gadgets, cookware, fishing poles, tools, hunting gear, and so on.  But what does every father really want?  Stuff? More stuff?

The real answer is NO!  What he really wants is the gift of time.

So, how do you do this and still have an item for him to open on Father’s day?  One way is to make a Family Adventure Book, afatheer's day ad collection of ideas, activities, and outings that dad would want to do with the family.  Make it your goal to complete the adventures this summer.  Enjoy being together as a family.  Create memories.  Laugh a lot and give your husband a gift that will always be treasured ~ time with his family. 

How to make the Adventure Book:
1.  Write out your list of things your husband likes to do with the family.  Some items can be as simple as going on a hike, others can be more elaborate (see sample ideas below).2.  Gather materials.  Here is what you need:FullSizeRender 2

  • White plain paper
  • Pencil
  • Card stock paper or colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • One ring clip or ribbon color of your choice
  • {Optional} Clear Tape
  • {Optional} Gift cards to correspond with the coupons: Ice cream shop, Sporting goods store, Music Store, Camera store, Garden shop, and so on..IMG_7991

3.  Use the plain white paper and pencil to trace your children’s hands.


4.  Place the hands on the colored paper and cut them all out. To save time you can cut more than one paper out at the same time.  If you have older children, they can do the cutting.

5.  Line all the palm of the hands up and punch a hole in the bottom of the hand.IMG_8005

6.  Look at your list of things your husband likes to do, and write the items on the hand.

7.  Let your kids decorate the paper hands.

8.  {Optional} If you have gift cards, tape them to the back of the hand that they would go with.

Here are some examples for what to write on the hand coupons:

  • Fishing Trip Together
  • Family Camping Trip
  • Hiking at a State Park
  • Building a Wood Car Together
  • Watching the Stars together
  • Making Food Together
  • Playing Music Together
  • Grilling and Eating Outside
  • Gardening Together
  • Swimming as a Family (Pool or Lake)
  • Boating Together
  • Reading a Book as a Family
  • Painting a picture togerther
  • Camping in the back yard
  • Golfing Together
  • Playing Family  Flag Football with an Other Family
  • Building a Blanket Fort Together

9.  Once all the hands are done fasten them together with a ring binder or ribbon.

10.  {Optional}  If you are still wanting to give another item, consider choosing one small item that corresponds with an adventure.  Here are some ideas of extra items to add on:FullSizeRender

  • Hiking poles
  • Golf balls or tees
  • Home-made musical instrumentFullSizeRender 5
  • Hammer and nails
  • Plant or seed pack
  • Model car

    Have fun, and think creatively!

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