Fourth Station of the Cross Lesson

Subject Matter: Fourth Station ~ Jesus Meets His Mother

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual

Fourth Station of the Cross


  • To develop a knowledge of the sufferings of Mary during the passion of Jesus
  • To encourage the children to keep away from sin, which also caused Mary to suffer


When you are very sick, who stays near you and takes care of you? Why does your mother do all this? Mother Mary saw her Son suffer but she couldn’t help Him. (Show picture of fourth Station.)


The Sorrow of Mary

Any mother hates to see her son suffer, especially if her son is innocent of any crime. Mary was the best mother ever, and her Son was the best Son ever, for He was God. Mary knew that Jesus was innocent and the He was suffering all this agony for us. She suffered with Him, and, like her Son, she wants to help us.

The Comfort Mary Brought to Jesus

The road to Calvary was very lonely for Jesus. It would have been even lonelier if Mary had not been there with Him. She was Jesus’ true friend, who stayed with Him all the time. She could not do anything to help Jesus, but just by being there she gave Him some comfort. Jesus would like us to accompany Him on the road to Calvary too.

We Can Comfort Jesus

The best way we can help Jesus is to be like Him and like His mother. Mary was sinless and never hurt God. If we stay away from sin, and if we quickly tell Jesus we are sorry if we ever do hurt Him by sin, we will be giving Him comfort and courage.


  • How did Mary feel when she met Jesus carrying His cross?
  • Were the soldiers very kind to Mary?
  • How did Jesus feel when He met His Blessed Mother on the road to Calvary?
  • How can we make Jesus and Mary happy?

Virtues and Practices

  • Pray to Our Lady of Sorrows to pray for us to Jesus.
  • Do what your parents wish before they ask you to obey.
  • Make your parents happy by showing respect and obedience.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Discuss how we can bring joy to the hearts of our parents, especially in time of sorrow and trouble.
  • Study the picture of the fourth Station.
  • Compose and chart an original prayer.
  • Poem: “Jesus Meets His Mother,” Belger, Sing a Song of Holy Things

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