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IMG_1609In the morning we start as a group by doing the calendar, virtue program, and our memory work. I have found that, if I play the same memory work piece at least 7 times in a row, my children remember it better. My kiddos are pretty young, so I allow wiggle time midway through our memory work. This seems to help them stay focused.

Most of the time, we all recite the memory parts together. This means I say the memory work along with my children. During the Latin we pretend we are opera singers and bellow out our song with great gusto. Sometimes even a few giggles slip out when mama tries to be funny and hit a high note. (I might be slightly musically challenged. Thank goodness for that CCM-SR CD). IMG_1713-2

In order to encourage the growth of individual memory work, I also give my children the opportunity to stand up and recite the parts of the memory work they know. Everyone claps.

IMG_1715-2After we have done our memory work, we move into our schedules. I have three children who all seem to need my help at the same time.  My husband might think I’m a super hero with special magical mom powers, but the fact is I simply cannot help everyone at the same time. Therefore, I created a rotation schedule so that each child receives one-on-one “mama time” while the others are working quietly on something they are able to do without me.

How do I organize this crazy schedule?

IMG_1695I use a pocket chart with cards that are color-coded by child to help everyone know what activates they are doing. I love that I can move the cards around as needed. There are days that we simply need to adjust the schedule and slow down and days when we need to add extra activities.

I believe movement is very important to a child’s health, so we take a P.E. break everyday. We jump rope, play hopscotch, soccer, t-ball, kick ball, go on a short walk or sometimes just swing on the swings. This is a vital time for all of us to restart and move around.

My family has decided that nap time is still a crucial and much needed part of our children’s day.  In order to allow time to rest, we do our group activities together. This includes history, science, art and religion. By rotating these subjects daily, we are able to spend the later part of the morning or the whole afternoon completely devoted to these topics.

Each week is getting better and better as the kids and mom get used to the routine!

*Please share with us what your homeschool day looks like.

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