Let Go of School and Live the Liturgy

Lord's Supper LiturgyThe liturgy, as Holy Week approaches,  recalls our minds to the gravity of sin and the great need for repentance, while at the same time stirring hope in our bosoms. 

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the last week of Jesus’ life, the time for which Christ entered the desert to prepare Himself to be obedient “even unto death” (from Stations of the Cross by Alphonso Liguori). Every year, we follow His story intently, and every year something new and magnificent speaks to our hearts as though we have never heard it before, something that answers our prayers, brings peace to our hearts, and prepares us for a new beginning come Easter Sunday.  

Gueranger captures this feeling well in his writing “The Liturgical Year.” Quote: “The Passion of our Redeemer, followed in every minutest detail, does it not seem as though we never knew it till this year? The pageant of Easter makes us so glad, that our former Easters appear to have been only half kept.” 

As we take our family into Holy Week, may we remember to put all of our focus on the liturgy and to spend less time on school work. What a wonderful opportunity as homeschooling parents to live our Christianity and teach our children that this is what all education is about ~ finding the One, the True, and the Good ~ finding Christ and following His Way by taking up our crosses and putting on his yolk, for His yolk is light and he makes our crosses easier to bear. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

Make it to the Lord’s Supper Mass, Good Friday Services, and Easter night Vigil, and let the liturgy teach you and your children. 

With prayers for all of you as you prepare your homes for Easter and with blessings for the best Easter celebration you have ever had! At that time, may you shout: Christus Resurrexit! Christos Annesti! 

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