Managing Time in Art Class

Picture. Making PapyrusMany of our new art teachers asked last week about how to get everything into a 30-minute art segment. There are terms to introduce and explain, there is a discussion to have, and there is a very hands-on project to complete — all within a relatively short time. 

Here are some go-to tips for fitting it all in:
1. Briefly introduce the terms to begin with and then demonstrate the project.
2. Once students are working on the project, you may go around the room talking about the terms, showing students how they could make their project have more “form” or use more “curvy lines.”
3. As you are going around the room, consider asking discussion questions to prompt their thinking. The discussion guides 

In other words, don’t spend a long period of time at the beginning to make sure students understand the terms, but get into the project as quickly as possible. Parents are expected to continue the discussion and drill the terms at home. 

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