Mothers’ and Fathers’ Outings Ideas

Ladies’ Rendezvous:
Recipe exchange.
Meet up at someone’s house, a coffee shop, or wherever suits your fancy. Before the meeting ask the mom’s in your group to write down one recipe on a card and bring it to the meeting. During the meeting, lay the recipe cards out and have every person take one new card home. This option is nice for big group sizes
A second option would be to have every person write or copy one recipe per person. At the end of the night each person will go home with a new handful of recipes. This option would be nice for a smaller group size.


Fathers’ Escape:
Fall hike at a local state park.
While the fall weather is in full swing, fathers can meet up at a local state park and go on hike. Assign one person to find a state park near by. If you look online at state parks, you can find maps of all trails you can hike. Remember that your group might be new hikers, so choose a hike that is appropriate to your group’s abilities. You might want to consider how much time you would like to spend hiking. We suggest for a new group of hikers a moderate level of hike and plan for the whole loop or trail to take about 1hr. You can adjust the hike as needed.  Don’t forget to remind dads to wear good shoes and to bring a water bottle.

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