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Schola Rosa is printing this Printed Handbook, First Edition, 2016. This Handbook Edition includes the Unit Lesson Plans, Overviews, Checklists, Materials Lists, and Scope & Sequence for each subject. Handy in one place and easy-to-use!

We are producing this pre-printed materials thanks to customer requests. We pray that this handbook will be helpful to both our co-op and home families. May God bless your hard work and your feedback. We greatly appreciate you and we are glad to help along the way! 

Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum for Catholic families and co-ops with children in PreK to 12th Grade. Schola Rosa is BOTH a 30-week integrated co-op program AND a full day-to-day home study curriculum.  The contents are made available to co-ops and families in online suites, accessible at any time, even to hand-held devices.  The writers provide administrative and academic support.

“I would not have volunteered to teach if I hadn’t known there would be helpful lesson plans and guidance already in the online suite!” ~ Teacher in Virginia. 

“The teacher materials available online greatly reduce the amount of time needed in preparation for class each week. Often there are reading selections and activities to print directly from the site. The teacher prep time can be used reviewing these materials in preparation for presenting them to the class, as opposed to spending hours looking for appropriate content on the internet.” ~ Teacher in Virginia.

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