Ninth Station of the Cross

Subject Matter: Ninth Station of the Cross ~ Jesus Falls the Third Time

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual


  • To become acquainted with the incidents of the Way of the Cross
  • To foster a desire of returning love for love by our sacrifices and prayers.


(Show  picture of ninth Station). Look what happened to Jesus again. How many times did He fall before this? Why did He fall so often?


Jesus Falls the Third Time

Once more Jesus falls to the ground. This shows us  how horrible our sins are and how terrible we are when we keep on sinning. For our sins are the real reasons why Jesus had to suffer and why He fell three times on His way to Calvary.

Jesus’ Example

Jesus got up still a third time. He did this to show us that we must be brave and strong. We must rise each time we fall into sin. He will give us His hand to help us. When He stretches out His arm to lift us from sin, will we refuse?


  • What happened to Jesus now?
  • Why did Jesus fall again?
  • Did the soldiers help Jesus get up?
  • How can we help Jesus?

Virtues and Practices

  • Persevere in doing your work well.
  • Avoid discouragement.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Discuss ways in which we can comfort the suffering Jesus.
  • Picture study of the ninth Station.
  • Compose and chart an original prayer.
  • Poem: “Jesus Falls the Third Time,” Belger, Sing a Song of Holy Things, p. 69

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