November ~ A Time for Moderation & Preparedness

As All Saints’ Day and Thanksgiving approach, Advent is all too near and with it, Christmas. We could be easily tempted away from “school time” in the name of “household” or “family necessity” in order to complete all those holiday preparations ~ gift-making, cleaning, cooking, and family visits. However, in the homeschool it is time to hunker down and make sure we meet our academic goals before the end of Advent ~ in other words, before the party starts.

How do we meet our academic goals and holiday preparations right now? How can we be like the little ant in our Scripture passage? We are to finish our work, be satisfied with the harvest, then relax and joyously celebrate. With that in mind, we can continue to complete our school time, allowing short periods of each day to be dedicated to holiday preparations. For example, there could be a family craft time initiated for the evenings. There could also be a dedicated craft time during the school day. In the kitchen, you could make it a goal to bake one dessert item each week between now and Christmas. This will give you a ready store of tasty treats in your freezer for those holiday parties or for sitting around the family hearth. 

With temperance and moderation, let us work this month to stay on task, to keep our focus, and to finish in due time, so we do not have homeschool worries looming over us as we celebrate soon. 

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