Saint Valentine Religion Lesson

Subject Matter: Feast of Saint Valentine (February 14)

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual

Saint Valentine

St. Valentine baptizing St. Lucilla



  • To acquaint the children with the origin of Valentine’s Day
  • To develop a love for our neighbor


A good friend will let his friends know that he loves him. He will try his best to do something that would make him happy. St. Valentine did exactly that.


St. Valentine, a very holy priest, lived a long time ago. He was very kind to the people especially to those who were poor and sad. By means of kind and cheery notes, notes telling about God’s goodness to them, he made many people happy.
He sent messages of love and cheer even though he was very busy. Father Valentine urged his people to greet one another in Christ’s name at all times. He encouraged them, especially by his good example, to be kind to each other.

Father Valentine was cast into prison by those who did not believe in God. Even then he managed to send his cheery notes to his people. He knew that Jesus was Love Itself and that Christian love was the greatest love of all.

Father Valentine was martyred for love of God. (Explain term “Martyr”) Now he is a saint in heaven sharing God’s happiness for all the kindness he was shown to others for the love of God.

We Imitate St. Valentine

It is a custom now to send valentines on the feast of this martyr. We should try to remember the spirit of the saint and recall that he wanted us to love all men for Jesus’ sake. We should never give valentines that will hurt or make someone sad.

Guide the children toward a better way of honoring the saint, by remembering the missions, the sick or poor thus encouraging a work of mercy for the love of Christ.


  1. Who was St. Valentine?
  2. What did he do?
  3. What do we do on St. Valentine’s Day?
  4. Why do we send valentines?

Virtues and Practices

  • Be kind and loving to all, as St. Valentine was.
  • Be gentle with others.
  • Show your love by acts and not just by words.

Saint ValentineSuggested Learning Activities

  • Send valentines to those who won’t receive any.
  • Send only valentines that express love and kindness – not those that will hurt someone
  • Read a Story of St. Valentine

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