Schola Rosa Co-op & Homeschool Tips & Ideas for the First Day of the Year

Throughout the year we will be featuring different ideas and tips for homeschool families. If you have an idea, please share it with us.
Tips for the 1st day of Co-op
To help build unity in a co-op setting, have every child and parent wear a name tag for the first few co-op meetings. This helps everyone get to know each other and feel connected. Make the 1st day of co-op extra special by providing a special snack or small school item for each child.

Schola-Rosa-Photoshoot-3_EditTips for the 1st day of Homeschooling
On the 1st day decorate the home classroom with a little extra surprise. You might hang steamers in the doorway of your classroom or have special name tags for each child’s spot.

For your little learners at home (i.e babies), put together an activity tote to keep their hands busy during school time.  In these totes you might put blocks, cars, books, puzzles, anything your child is interested in and won’t make too much noise. After all, homeschool parenting is multitasking at its best.

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