Schola Rosa Homeschool Ideas for the Winter Months

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In the winter, especially in the northern States of the U.S.A., it can be difficult to get everyone outside. This means cabin fever, cranky attitudes, short tempers, and often illness. What are some tips for surviving these months indoors with cheerfulness?

  • GET OUTSIDE! ~ No matter what, send the kids (and yourself) outdoors for at least one hour per day. This gives everyone fresh air, burns energy, and gives appreciation for the warmth inside the house.
  • SLOW DOWN! ~ These are the months of good food, close company, and leisurely activity. No major gardening going on! Choose a family book or family crafts to work on together. Simply enjoy talking to one another, eating with one another, and playing music together.
  • THINK OF NEXT YEAR’S CHRISTMAS! ~ Think ahead to Christmas next year and use your crafting time to make presents.
  • EXTRA SCHOOL WORK! ~ Think of the coming spring months and of how much you will want to be outside working in the garden and enjoying hikes. Use this time to get ahead on work, so you can fully enjoy the spring.
  • LENT ~ Consider how you and your family will practice the season of Lent this year. Plan now, so you are ready on Ash Wednesday.

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