Schola Rosa Memory Work for the Home

IMG_1621  Memory is vital to learning. Our brains are a huge storehouse of complex physical, emotional, and mental information that assists in our daily lives.  We use memory to move our body, remember the past, and dream about the future.  In order to create strong mental paths in our brains, we need to practice the same piece of information over and over again. A baby may spend a whole year practicing and mimicking the motions and sounds of his or her parents before he  begins to speak. We, as parents, want to foster the growth of language in our children. Exposing our children to many different types of sounds reinforces the memory of language.

In the Schola Rosa Curriculum we promote and encourage the continual growth of memory work.  We believe that children need repetition.

So How Do You Encourage Memory Work? 
Schola-Rosa-Photoshoot-52_EditBelow are some practical suggestions for memory work in your home
Listen to the CCM-SR Memory Audio or listen to the CCM-SR Memory CD.

    • You can order the CD here!
    • You can find the audio in the Schola Rosa Digital Library.  Remember to check out the review weeks too!
    • Play the memory work everyday.  Even if the pace seems to be moving too fast for your child, just continue to expose your child to the memory work.  This repetition is building a path way in your child’s brain, and opens the path for more learning in the years to come.

CCM Timeline Cards and Maps

  • You can order the CCM timeline cards and maps here!
  • Create a space to display the Timeline cards and Maps.
  • Go over the cards and maps daily.
  • Pick a few key events and spend time reading the back of the timeline cards and learning a little more about that event.
Build a Memory Work Board
We provide you with a set of CCM-SR memory power points for all units to
build a memory board for your home.

  • What do you need to build a memory board?
  • 1 poster size foam board
  • 10 sheet protector sleeves attached to the foam board

  • 1 set of Memory Work Power Points per Unit.  The Memory Work Power slides are provided in the curriculum suite.  Each week put a new set of Memory Work Power slides into the clear plastic sleeves on your board.
  • Go here to find Free Display printables and images of sample displays:
  • You can also find them in the “Printables” section at the end of the Director’s Manual.
    Feel free to use these images to create your own display. 

Make Memory a Game

  • Create a memory master chart for each child.  Set the chart up by unit and subject per semester or  the whole year.
  • Give rewards for children who meet your goal.
  • Make the reward something that suits your family. Here are some suggestions: Prayer Cards or Books, Non-blessed saint medals, Pencils, free ice cream at local ice cream shop, free coloring pencils, Grab-Bag or Treasure Box with donated gifts to choose from, Chap Stick or get creative and make up your own ideas

IMG_0592Share With Other:  Please send us your ideas, tips, and charts so we can share them with with other families.

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