Spring is Here ~ Time to Prepare the Garden

Cold Frame InsideSpring is here and our gardening has begun! #1 spies every kind of wild flower emerging from sleep and begs to know its name! #2 is exclaiming over every insect he finds, and #3 is covered from head to toe with dirt! #4 revels in the sunshine and the rustle of the breeze through the new leaves.




Playing-in-DirtGarden Prep: We started raking the leaves off the garden and flower beds this week. We bought any seeds we did not already have stored away, and the cold frame is open and getting fresh air before its annual cleaning. We also have a few raised beds to mend before the May planting. The children are anxious to start seeds in the cold frame this weekend, and we have quite the assortment of herbs, cool season plants, and flowers to start. First, we must wash last year’s seed trays and pots, though. March and April will be busy!

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