What are some strategies for helping my delayed 3rd grade reader?

Narration and Composition

Narration and Composition

At our recent Co-op Parent Check-in, one parent asked about strategies for her delayed 3rd grade reader. The student is reading now and she wants to encourage her to progress quickly. What are tips?

Several parents shared resources and strategies for such a student:

  • Provide the student with extra Phonics drills with Modern Curriculum Press Phonics books, available from www.christianbooks.com 
  • Provide the student with extra Reading Comprehension practice by (1) have the student read additional books from the library or poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson and (2) purchasing a Reading Comprehension drill books, such as those from Scholastic.
  • Start a formal Grammar study for the student to practice sentence constructions in writing, for example Harvey.
  • Consider “Explode the Code” – Essential Lessons for Phonics Mastery. 

Good Luck and God Bless you! 

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