Trial Before Annas and Caiphas and Repentance of Peter

Lesson 94: Our Lord’s Trial Before Annas and Caiphas; Denial and Repentance of Peter

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual



  • To learn about the unfair trial of Jesus and His patience with His accusers.
  • To realize the necessity of prayer in time of temptation.


A real friend is one who will be loyal and “stick up for you” even if you are in trouble. Some of our Lord’s friends failed Him when He needed them most of all.


Trial Before Annas and Caiphas

Jesus was led a prisoner before the High Priests Annas and Caiphas. They tried to trap Him, accusing Him of saying false things and of being blasphemous. Jesus kept quiet until asked to speak, and when He spoke He told them that He was truly the Son of God. Because of this, they condemned Him to death.

Denial and Repentance of Peter

Peter, the Apostle who always said he would be faithful to Jesus, was very much a coward during Jesus’ trial. When he was asked if he knew Jess, Peter denied ever knowing our Lord. He denied Jesus three times. Then Jesus looked at him, a cock crowed, and Peter left. Outside he wept bitterly because of his cowardice and weakness. From that time on he was a faithful follower of Jesus. He remained true to his Lord, finally dying for Him.

Despair of Judas

Judas too, grieved because of his terrible crime. But, unlike Peter, he did not have trust in the mercy and kindness of Jesus. He lost all hope and went out and hanged himself. Whom do you want to follow, Judas or Peter?


  1. Had Jesus done anything wrong?
  2. Did Jesus say that He is really God?
  3. Did the high priests believe Him?
  4. What did they say should happen to Jesus?
  5. Did the people tell the truth about Jesus?
  6. What wrong did Peter do?
  7. Was Peter sorry later?
  8. Did our Lord forgive Peter?
  9. Was Judas sorry for his sin?
  10. Did Judas ask Jesus to forgive him?

Virtues and Practices

  • Love God and have confidence that He will forgive you.
  • Tell the truth even if you are punished for it.
  • Pray in time of temptation.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Contrast the repentance of Peter with the despair of Judas.
  • Discuss how we are dependent upon God’s help andnot on our own strength in time of temptation.
  • Make up original prayers of sorrow for sin and a firm purpose of amendment.
  • Poem: “My Turn” Belger, Sing a Song of Holy Things, p. 58

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