Twelfth Station of the Cross

Subject Matter: Twelfth Station of the Cross ~ Jesus Dies on the Cross

By Simon Vouet Public Domain httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=1526975

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual


  • To further the knowledge that Jesus died for our sins.
  • To foster a hatred of sin.
  • To foster a spirit of forgiveness


How much do you love your father and mother? Show us with your arms. (Allow children to extend their arms.) Show picture of twelfth Station. This picture shows how much Jesus loves each one of us.


Jesus on the Cross

For three long hours Jesus was on the cross. People cursed Him, spat on Him, and mocked Him all that time. Even one of the criminals hanging next to Him cursed Him. But Jesus did not complain. He suffered all in silence, speaking only a few times, and then only to ask His Father to forgive us or to say something kind and thoughtful. He loved all men — think of it, all men — even to the point of dying for them on the cross.

Jesus’ Words to Mary

Once Jesus spoke to Mary His mother and to St. John the Apostle. He asked John to take care of His mother and He asked Mary to take care of John and of all of us. How thoughtful Jesus was. Even while dying He gives us a present — His own mother.

Jesus Dies

Finally the moment comes when Jesus offers His life for us. He tells His Father that His work is finished, and He dies, offering Himself as a victim for sins to God the Father. Jesus has finished the work of Redemption. Will we let Jesus come to us so that He can give us the merits of His death, or will we prefer sinful, selfish lives?


  1. How long did Jesus suffer on the cross?
  2. Whom was Jesus thinking about when He was suffering?
  3. What did Jesus say about His enemies?
  4. What did He say to the good thief?
  5. What did He say to Mary? To St. John?
  6. What frightened the enemies of Jesus?
  7. What happened at three o’clock on Good Friday?
  8. Why do we call this day Good Frida?
  9. What do we do every Friday to make up for Jesus’ suffering?

Virtues and Practices

  • Kiss the crucifix with devotion
  • Forgive those who offend you
  • Thank God for suffering for you

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Discuss the picture of the twelfth Station.
  • Compose and chart an original prayer.
  • Discuss the liturgy on Good Friday — organ, bells, empty tabernacle.
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