How do co-ops deal with teacher absences?

SR_Co-op_8_WEBSITEAt our most recent Schola Rosa Co-op Parent Check-in, some directors asked how to deal with teacher absences. Strategies vary greatly co-op to co-op as our Schola Rosa co-ops are of many different sizes. Therefore, we have divided the tips into two categories: small co-ops (4-10 families) and large co-ops (10+ families). 

Small Co-ops  Large Co-ops
  1. Tag Team Babies by having Grandparents or Teenagers come that day
  2. Combine Ages when needed for History, Art, and Science
  3. Leave Out Subjects ~ For example, choose the subjects everyone definitely wants covered at co-op before going home (art, science experiment, and history craft) 
  1. One mom is dedicated co-op substitute, so when someone is absent, she is able to step in that day.
  2. Move assistant teachers become main teachers if a main teacher is absent, or an assistant teacher can be moved to another class for the day to be the main teacher. 
  3. Have teenagers act as extra hands for larger classrooms with younger children. Teenagers can rotate, so they do not miss too much of their Intermediate time.

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