Cycle 1 Summer Readiness Activities and Ideas

755px-1865_Spruner_Map_of_Italy_before_the_Gauls_and_the_Marsicus_War_-_Geographicus_-_ItaliaGalliaCisalpina-spruner-1865Cycle 1 Primary Themes:
Ancient History and the Classification of Living Things

by Alecia Rolling

Are you getting ready to do Schola Rosa Cycle 1 in the fall?

Perhaps, you would like to do some activities in the summer time that will be worth recalling during the school year.  If you live in a northern state, the summer might be the best time for field trips. This is also a peak period in which state and federal parks host family events, since public school is out of session.  Here are some ideas you can do this summer to tailor events to the coming school year.

CiceroEpistulaeAdFamiliaresVenice1547page329DetailAncient History Activities for the Summer:

  • Look up your State Historical Society to learn about events throughout your state. Focus on ancient and Native American history.
  • Find out if your state has an archaeological site to visit and go!
  • Research fun materials for decorating your classroom for the themes: old testament times, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome.

Geodart_Metamorphosis_1663Classification of Living Things Activities for the Summer:

  • Visit your local state or county park for nature walks.
  • Start a plant identification notebook or journal, saving leaves and flowers by press-drying.
  • Start an animal identification notebook or journal by drawing or photographing animals.
  • Use your state’s wildlife association website to identify local plants and animals.
  • Go to your state’s wildlife association to learn about any events in your state and go!

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