What are the exam settings for Intermediate courses, and how do we have families with multiple students take the exams?

Schola-Rosa-Photoshoot-Intermediate_EditNew Intermediate families were asking other families how the Intermediate grades and quizzes function. This was a great question!

First, regarding grades, R.A.S. and Schola Rosa are not responsible for storing or saving student grades. As such, a printable “Record of Grade” is provided for each course. Each family should print one of these for each student in the course and record all quizzes, exams, etc. on this sheet. This guarantees a physical record should grades be lost from the suite’s system.

Now, regarding quizzes for multiple students in a household, Intermediate course exams and quizzes are set to allow an unlimited number of attempts, which means that multiple students can attempt the quiz. There might be instructions that say a student should only take the exam once or twice, but that is to be policed by the parents. After one student takes an exam, record the grade on your Record of Grade sheet; then, allow the next student to take the exam. Usually, students cannot take the quiz or exam at the same time, so making a schedule and plan for student testing will be helpful to you. 


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