How do you do play-acting assignments at home?

526px-Saint_Engracia_mg_0032Just Home families asked the question at our last Schola Rosa Check-In: How do you do play-acting assignments without a co-op? Of course, Just Home families have the added logistical challenge of completing co-op designed activities in the home, which means they might not have as many hands or students for completing an activity such as play-acting. What do you do?

  • One mom suggested using figurines and setting up a scene for the figures to be moved around in the “play.”
  • Another mom suggested doing an Imagine & Draw type of assignment instead of the play.

The by-word for this activity, is “improvisation,” very fitting for play acting! You might need to double-up on parts or reduce the number of players, or simply choose a different activity for the week.

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