First Station of the Cross Religion Lesson

Subject Matter: First Station of the Cross: Jesus is Told He Must Die

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual


  • To develop a love and compassion for the suffering Jesus
  • To develop habits of resignation to the will of God as manifested in daily traits
  • To teach the article of the Apostles’ Creed: “Suffered under Pontius Pilate”


If someone is called a coward, perhaps it is because that person is afraid to do the right thing. The judge to whom Jesus was brought was a very cowardly man.


Pilate’s Cowardice in Sparing Barabbas Instead of Jesus

You remember that Pilate did not like condemning Jesus to death. At that time of the year it was custom of the Roman governor to release any prisoner the Jews wanted released. Pilate thought that perhaps he might persuade the people to ask for Jesus’ release. But the people told him to release a wicked murderer Barabbas instead. Pilate knew that Barabbas was a criminal and he also knew that Jesus was innocent. But still he feared the people. Finally, washing his hands of the whole matter, he set Barabbas free and sent Jesus off to His death. But Pilate could not really wash his hands. He was the one in charge, and he was the one who finally sentenced Jesus to death.

Patience and Resignation of Jesus

During all this time Jesus kept silent, praying. He spoke only when Pilate asked Him a direct question. He did not shout and scream, He did not cry, but instead suffered everything for us. What a loving Master, to take all that abuse to show His love for men!

Our Patience and Resignation

Jesus wants us to take our cross too and follow Him. There are many times when we are unjustly accused of something and when we have to suffer. We can bear these trials if we thing of Jesus and ask Him for His help.

Teach the article of the Apostles’ Creed: “Suffered under Pontius Pilate.”


  1. Who was Barabbas?
  2. Why did the people choose Barabbas instead of Jesus?
  3. How did the people make Pontius Pilate say that Jesus must die?
  4. What should we do when someone is chosen instead of us?
  5. How did Jesus act when He was told that He must die?
  6. What can we do when we are blamed for something we did not do?

Virtues and Practices

  • Do not show hurt feelings when others are preferred to you.
  • Bear little trials patiently.
  • Do not excuse yourself when you are blamed for something.

Suggested Learning Activities

  1. Study a picture of the first Station.
  2. Compose and chart an original prayer for the first Station.
  3. Discuss daily activities in which the children can practice patience for the love of Jesus.
  4. Poem: “Jesus is Ordered to Die,” Belger, Sing a Song of Holy Things, p. 61

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