Top 10 Ways to be a Successful Co-op Director

Successful Co-op DirectorHow can you be a successful co-op director? Over the years we have been consulting co-op directors who are using the Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum and most of the time our consultations deal with community-building and Christian solidarity and not with the curriculum at all. 

One of our directors recently asked: “What kind of person makes a good director?” 

We have often joked that if you have an organized saint around, pick her! This would of course be ideal. 

But, seriously, what is there to do when you can’t identify a saint? What kind of person should run the co-op? How should he or she act while doing so? Here are some pointers to offer.

  1. Be Organized – in everything.
  2. Keep a planner and keep it up-to-date.
  3. Don’t forget to respond to people when they contact you.
  4. Don’t forget to bring things when asked.
  5. Care about the people in your group — REALLY! 
  6. Sacrifice your time and energy to make it work.
  7. Bring people together to talk about differences.
  8. Don’t share complaints, gossip, or slander with anyone.
  9. Share only positive comments and stories with people in your group.
  10. Don’t be afraid to tell people your group isn’t for them. Not everything is for everybody.  
It has been a positive experience for directors who have followed these pointers.

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