FREE Geology Unit, K-3rd Grade ~ Types of Rocks

We are excited to demonstrate a Unit of Schola Rosa Science for K-3rd Grade, so you can get a sense of the curriculum! Follow a Schola Rosa family as they discover an introduction to the types of rocks — day-by-day! We have organized the materials below, so you are able to get a sneak peek into the organization of the online suites.

Preparation ~ Review Handbook

A Schola Rosa Handbook contains all subjects for Grades PreK through 6th Grade. Below is a screen shot of the Science section you would need for K-3rd Grade.
Science Unit

Screen Shot of Science Sections, K-3rd Grade, Schola Rosa, Cycle 2, Unit 5

Preparation ~ Print Lessons & ActivitiesIMG_7103

There are two main locations to know: the Digital Library and the Subject Folders. Within a Unit, each subject has a folder with printables, videos, links, … anything needed to complete that unit of study. Below you may see an excerpt from the Digital Library and the Science Folder for completing your unit!

Digital Library Item
       Click the title of the book to open and print.
“Pebbles” in Secrets of Everyday Things

Subject Folder ~ Science
Below you can see the lessons and activities as they are organized in a subject folder of the online suite. Simply, click on the lesson or activity, open, and print.

K – 1st Grade
K-1 Lesson A ~ Observe, Record, & Draw Rocks (linked lesson) 
K-1 Activity A ~ Types of Rocks Worksheet
K-1 Activity B ~ Nature Journaling
K-1 Activity C ~ Nature Journaling

2nd – 3rd Grade
2-3 Lesson A ~ Introduction to Rocks Discussion Activity
2-3 Activity A ~ Types of Rocks Worksheet
2-3 Activity B ~ Nature Journaling
2-3 Activity C ~ Nature Journaling

Day 1 in Action

Days 2-4 in Action ~ Letting the Kids Discover and Record

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