Kenneth Rolling, Co-Founder of Schola Rosa, to speak at MN Conference!

Kenneth Rolling to speak at MN Homeschool Conference


Kenneth Rolling has taught kids of many different ages in a broad variety of settings from a brief stint in the university system to tutoring centers, family basements, and online.  He is the co-founder, with his wife, Alecia, of the Rolling Acres Online Catholic Academy and Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum.  His research interests are in the fields of philosophy of education, science, and beauty.  He works as an instructor in trivium studies, philosophy, theology, and great books at the online academy.

Curriculum Vitae
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Benedictine College;
Master of Arts Degree in Classics, Greek Emphasis;
Course work completed for Masters of Divinity and PhD in philosophy from Catholic University of America (Thesis and Dissertation in progress, however slow)​

Dinner with Socrates: Making Your Table a Place of Discussion 

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