New Teachers = MORE Classes!

It has long been our goal to expand our class offerings to provide a full curriculum for 7th -12th grades.  In 2018 we are taking a huge step toward this goal with a number of new classes. 

In addition to our Great BooksLatin, and Trivium Studies courses, and the accompanying grammar, composition, and science courses currently offered, we are pleased to roll out new LIVE classes in History for 7th-9th Grade and Math for 7th-8th Grade!   We are also excited to be offeringItalian for the first time. 

The new classes will be crafted to fit our integrated curriculum and will be taught with our signature approach (robust philosophical footing, flipped classroom, tutoring with every course, weekly grading, and great teachers).  As always, seats are limited, so ENROLL EARLY

To teach all of these new classes, we have a number of faculty members coming on board for the new academic year.  We are confident that you will enjoy meeting them as much as we have. 

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