Seventh Station of the Cross

Subject Matter: Seventh Station of the Cross ~ Jesus Falls the Second Time

Free Religion Lesson from Our Holy Faith, Book 1 Teacher’s Manual



  • To develop the knowledge of Christ’s love for us as shown by His suffering
  • To instill a desire of showing our love by prayers and sacrifices


Did you ever fall in the school yard or on the street? Of course you did — many times. Did it hurt? Jesus fell a second time on the way to Calvary. (Show picture of seventh Station.)


Jesus Very Weak and Tired

Even though Simon and Veronica tried to help Jesus, He was now completely worn out. You know how tired you are after a long day. Just think of how worn out Jesus must have been. He had suffered the agony in the Garden; the soldiers had scourged Him with their whips and had pierced His head with the crown of thorns. He had been carrying the cross a long time over a rough road, and the soldiers had been beating Him all the time. It is no wonder that He fell to the ground again.

Why Jesus Fell Again

Jesus fell again because our sins are so terrible. Even after Jesus forgives us, we go out and sin again. These terrible sins of ours are the real reason why Jesus had to suffer so much; they are the blows that forced Him to the ground a second time.

We Must Rise from Sin

Jesus gave us an example all His life. He now got up again and continued on His journey, because He wanted to teach us that, no matter how often we fall into sin, we should rise again. When we sin, we should go at once to Jesus to ask Him for forgiveness. We should then do all we can to keep away from sin.


  • Why did Jesus fall the second time?
  • Was this fall harder than the first one?
  • Did anyone help Jesus get up?
  • What did the soldiers do?
  • What can we do to help Jesus today?

Virtues and Practices

  • Have pity on those who are suffering
  • Do not complain when unable to do something — try again.

Suggested Learning Activities

  • Discuss how we can keep praying and trying to do what God wants
  • Picture study of the seventh Station
  • Compose and chart an original prayer.
  • Poem: “Jesus Falls the Second Time,” Belger, Sing a Song of Holy Things, p. 67

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