Top 10 Lenten Meals

The Top 10 Lenten Meals in our household are used weekly for either Lunch or Supper. You will notice right away that they are all without meat. This is because we eat no meat throughout all of Lent. For those of you who abstain on Fridays and Ember Days, you might consider choosing which meals best suit your Friday. These dishes have been kid-tested and mother-approved by the Rolling’s Household. May God bless your Lent. 

Note: We make all our meals from scratch and from the farm, but for easy cooking, we have linked to popular recipes on the web that are tasty! 

Top 10 Lenten Meals

  1. Tuna Melts
  2. Fish Chowder
  3. Fish & Chips
  4. Tuna Cheesy Pasta
  5. Cheese-Veggie Pizza
  6. Baked Fish, Veggies, and Potatoes
  7. Breakfast for Supper!
  8. Rice & Beans
  9. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  10. Salmon Salad

Popular Sides to Round Out the Meal

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  2. 9 Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes
  3. Fresh Bread Recipe (Use butter instead of Canola oil for better taste!)

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