What’s the purpose of the Picture Studies in Language Arts and how do I teach them?

History Illustration in Language Arts

History Illustration in Language Arts

At our October 14th, 2016 Co-op Parent Check-In, a mother asked a very good question: How do I teach the Picture Study? 

Picture Study Lessons in the Schola Rosa Language Arts folder are designed to help you and your child have a conversation together. Your goal is to help your student find the words for describing a picture in his or her own words. This helps your student develop a broader vocabulary. The questions provided in the lesson to accompany the picture give you key words to foster in the conversation. 

As a second goal, the lessons help foster the virtue of empathy in the student by inviting the student to imagine a story to go along with the picture and by asking the student how he or she thinks the characters in the picture feel. Throughout the week you may bring up this conversation again, touching upon what your student thinks and feels about the picture. 

As your final goal, you invite your student at the end of the week to put into clearer words the story he or she has imagined to go with the Picture. You have the student draw a picture of his or her own and then tell you the story. You are working on composition in an oral manner this way, helping the student have a clear beginning, climax, and ending (resolution). 

As a reward, you might have your husband read aloud the student’s work that you have written down at the end of the week. This will build a sense of pride in the activity for the student and encourage him or her to progress. 

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